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Published: 20th December 2011
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With all praise to its several religions and myriad traditions, India can rightly be described as a land of great fairs and festivities. Perhaps, there is not a solitary day in the Indian calendar when a celebration does not take place. Each festival in India is characterized by fascinating features like bright colors, lit holy places, decorated houses, delicious sweets, traditional dances and all this complimented by unwavering fervor. These fair and festivals unveil the enigmatic charm of deep roots of culture, faith, way of life, cuisines, art and ethnicity of India.

Festivals in India are celebrated in accordance with solar and lunar almanac. Baisakhi, Dussehra, Diwali, Durga Puja, Holi, Onam, Navratri, Pongal, Christmas, Easter, Guru Nanak Jayanti, Bakra Eid, and Muhorram are few of the traditional festivals celebrated by people of various religions in different parts of this country. Independence Day, Republic Day and Gandhi Jayanti are categorized as national festivals and a holiday is observed nationwide on these occasions.

Most of the travelers plan India holidays during festival season. This article will provide such travelers adequate information about major fairs and festivals celebrated in India.

Baisakhi is a significant festival of Northern India especially in the state of Punjab. Associated with harvest of Rabi crop, this festival creates an atmosphere of gratification, delight and fun. Organized on first day of Vaisakh month (usually referred as month of April and May), this festival is imperative for Sikh and Hindus. All across the state of Punjab bhangra dances are organized and many interesting performances are held. Prayers are offered at Golden Temple by people of various religions and several colorful fairs are also organized on this occasion.

Holi, most widely celebrated event in India, has become a symbol of Indian culture all over the world. Holi is a vibrant festival celebrated in spring season with beautiful union of colors. Besides being a representative of spring this festival works as an equalizer connecting different socioeconomic communities. Many interesting stories are related with history of Holi. Though entire nation participates in this merriment, most extensive celebration is carried out in Uttar Pradesh.

Durga Puja and Dussehra
This festival is in worship of the Hindu Goddess of Power, Goddess Durga. The festival takes place around September or October. This is celebrated for ten days affair. The last tenth day is known as Dashami or Dussehra.

Most popular festival of India, Diwali is termed as Deepavali in Sanskrit language which means rows of lights. This day is celebrated as a way to value the conquest of Lord Rama over Ravana, which is regarded as trounce of evil by good. Considered to be quite auspicious by Hindus, night long Puja are carried out to impress Goddess Laxmi on the night of Deepavali. On this eve, people lit up their houses with colorful candles and lamps thus creating a spectacular night view. Fireworks are also carried out by people of various age groups.

Bakra Eid
Also known as Eid-ul-zuha, Bakra Eid is a festival of giving and sacrificing. Followers of Muslim religion carry out celebration on this day to express gratitude towards almighty for good luck and to share it with less privileged people. On this day people dress in new attire and offer prayers at mosque. Celebrations are carried out all over the nation.

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